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All County Property Management has over 50 offices across the country. But it didn’t start out this way.

Back in 1990, Sandy Ferrera was a single-mom just trying to support her two boys. A few real-estate deals went south and cost her $16,000 in commissions. This is when Sandy knew it was time for a change. Sandy made the shift from real-estate sales to property management and the business took off from there. Almost 30 years later, All County is now a trusted leader in the property management industry.

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The prompt and professional response to all issues along with the friendly and attentive staff.

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Everything! Any time I called the office with a question or concern, it was handled quickly and professionally. As a renter, I felt we were treated just like the owners of the property. One our rental payment got lost in the mail. We were given several da

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The staff is courteous and attentive. I have no trouble keeping in contact with them. All of my issues are addressed promptly and with out hassle.

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The people! Everyone I have ever dealt with has been kind, considerate and completely professional! This is a great team of people who go the extra mile to help!

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